Random Things: The link change Edition

I switched out all my sugarsync links. I don't want to get any messages about broken links so I'm adding links to some stuff here. Some things I have pictures for, others I do not.

The things in this post include my CiJ gifts for Cynnix, Trade offs for both Keoni and Voleste, and other random things I couldn't find posts for or have just forgotten about. If you've already downloaded these you do NOT need to do so again. These are for people who haven't or whenever the old link expires.
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Framed, Mirrored & Signed: The Decorate My Space Edition *UPDATED*

So remember a few days ago when I said I had plans for the "Meaning of Fruit" Painting, well I finished my plans. They aren't much but I like them. :P

I also mirrored some of the statues I've done and made two others. Well I say made but one is a butcher job and the other is just a conversion.

Update: Added BaseGame versions of the frames. (I hope!)
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Sims 2 Play: Repo Edition

First off I got a little carried away with the Cambria set and forgot to check every piece. I noticed while I was testing the next portion that the Side Table wasn't showing up properly. So you can get the fixed version here!

I'm sorry about that. Now, I've been on a repository kick, if you haven't noticed, so here's the next batch of stuff. :P
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The Holy 2 Play: Add on Edition

After randomly poking Buggybooz Kitchens, I wandered over to Sims 2 Play. I found a set that I thought was cute. It's called the Cambria set. So I repositired the thing and added slots. I, however, couldn't just stop there, could I? Nope. So I made some add ons for it. It might not suit every ones game but I figured I'd share.

So this is a blend of Holy Simoly and Sims 2 Play, hence the odd title. :P
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Advent: Day 30


Skunky McSkunkerson here with your day 30 gift. This is the last gift I bring you. *sniffs* You may click on me or click here!

Skunky: You'll write, right? Santa Duo, you'll write?

Santa Duo: Of course, we will.

Dino: We need to get this boat moving if we are going to get to Christmas Isle.

Skunky: Okay! *sniffs* Hurry back soon, Dino!

Dino: Don't worry I may have a small brain but you can't do the hood updates without your camera man.

Skunky: So true. Bye Santa Duo! I'll miss you. I'm not going to blubber like baby. I'm not!

Santa Duo: It's been fun, Skunky and we will miss you too.

Skunky: *breaks down into a sobbing heap* I'll come with you! *tries to jump into the boat*

Dino: No, Skunky. You'll just make it worse. Stay and teach El Bandito. That raccoon has a lot to learn.

Skunky: But.. *wails* Fine, I..I.. Goodbye.

And so we say our final farewells. We closed the curtain on one chapter, while another chapter unfolds. We laughed, we cried, we fought and we plotted. We spent a month together but it seemed like an eternity. We had great adventures while handing out gifts. We are best friends. Now that Christmas is over we part ways and the tears flow. It's the end of a magical journey but we shall never forget. Until next year, Santa Duo. We will surely meet again.

The End!

Advent: Day 29


Skunky McSkunkerson here with you day 29 gift. Click on me or click here!

Skunky: It's time to take down the tree boys! We don't need it anymore. We'll just pack all the Christmas stuff in these boxes!

Santa Brick: Okay! *hops into a box*

Skunky: What are you doing? There's still a few more days in the advent left!

Santa Brick: You said all Christmas stuff. I'm Christmas Stuff. I go in the box. Right?

Skunky: Well, yes. You are right but you'll break the other Christmas stuff. So get out of that box. If you want to go in a box, we'll find another one for you!

Dino: Do we have a box small enough>

Skunky: I don't think so. We'll think of something on the 31st for now give us a twig hand, Santa Brick.

Santa Brick: Okay! *hands over his twigs* You didn't say I had to help. *reclines on the floor*

Skunky: And we are back to being surrounded by idiots!

Advent: Day 28


Skunky: Dino! Santa Duo! What are you doing to that poor statue?

Dino: She's crying and we are trying to make her feel better! What are you doing?

Skunky: I'm looking at the flowers!

Santa Duo: Because that went so well yesterday!

Skunky: La la laaaa la la. I can't hear you!

Dino: That skunk has tunnel vision when he sees flowers.

Skunky: I heard that!

Statue: Quiet down! *sniffs* I am trying to mourn here! This is where I died and I haven't been able to move from this spot. My father built this statue of me to remember my passing but all he did was contain my spirit. Help me, please!

Skunky: What can we do?

Statue: Break me!

Skunky: Is that all? I'll go get a hammer, a very big hammer! I'll be back soon, don't move from that spot!

Skunky McSkunkerson here with your day 28 gift! You can click on me or click here! Now where did I leave my sledgehammer? Hmm, maybe I left it near that Harvest Goddess statue. Ah yes, there it is. Ooooh, Pangu's Axe! Even better. Never fear grieving ghost statue person, I'll set you free!

Advent: Day 27


Skunky: Oh my head. I feel as green as Dino looks.

Dino: I told you not to eat the flowers! We need to hand out the gift Skunky.

Skunky: No, I don't feel so good. I feel horrible, people will just have to wait until I feel like myself again.

Santa Duo: We can't have that. It could take you forever to recover.

Dino: Right, we'll just have to do it in Skunky's place.

Skunky: NEVER! This is my advent, mine! I'll release the gift. You three are just my side kicks.

Dino: I thought we were your friends!

Skunky: Well you are that too but when it comes to the advent you are just side kicks. Let's not fight.

Dino: You are the one picking a fight. You always pick the fight.

Skunky: I do not! There are times when I can't help it. Some Sims need to be sprayed and some animals need to drown. See, I have reasons!

Dino: Sure, sure. Just release the gift already.

Skunky: Fine! *gets up and goes to upload the gift*

Skunky McSkunkerson here with your day 27 gift! You can click on me or click here for the gift. Oh man, should the room be spinning? Should it be bright pink and neon green? What were those flowers? I must resist next time I meet the Harvest Goddess. Those flowers pack a punch and then steam roll you.