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So I decided to compile a post with links to and/or direct downloads to PSDs. There's a few out there but not everyone knows where to grab. Also, sometimes I misplace stuff because I'm great like that.

I'm going to do this below a cut because this will be an ongoing list. Anytime I upload or find a new PSD I'll update the title. I figure this is just easier. :P

NOTE: Please remember these are only PSDs! No meshes or recolors are included here! Once again these are just PSDs that either I or some one else took the time to do. If you don't want to recolor or rexture, by pass this post. :P
This is going to be in order of Base game, EP/SPs and normal CC. I hope this helps someone. :P
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Recolor my World: The Insanity Edition

These are mostly just add ons to the things I released during my advent. Mostly. Some are redos and some are new.

The woods come in these lovely 10 textures!
(Credits: Goat, Dreamfall via Io and Engelchen)

The metals are Shasta's lovely metals which I can't seem to live without.

The fabrics come in my Skunky Palette.

Now on to the stuff:
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I'm trying to add in the 5 woods so this is just a small post for those. There's also recolors for curtains, two painting frames, a vase and the Tempest cooktop.

So let's just get on with what you are getting:
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So I've been trying to fix the sweetdownlow set that threadandsandpaper did to match my CEPs. However that isn't going over very well. I get about half to work and the others are being a pain. I don't know if I should just use hers and separate them as I've done the main paintings. This is getting really frustrating so while I'm trying to fix that, I noticed some other odd things.

The odd things being that EAxis really love use to the same meshes and throw new textures on them when it comes to paintings. This made me face palm but not every one has all the EPs/SPs so this actually works out.
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So I decided to do Valentine's Day a little early. I made most of this stuff earlier today but things happened and it got added to. Why am I doing this? Well, that's easy. I can, plus CuriousB made a fantastic bedding template and I had to try it out. One hundred times of trying it out. :P You can totally blame most of this post on her. Thanks, CuriousB! xD
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So, Skunky was complaining to me that there was a yeti palette, a lonesome palette, an Eco palette and about every other palette under the sun. He wanted his own because he is a demanding Skunk! So I set out to find colors that wouldn't kill my eyes. I mostly did these because I use the Yeti palette in my mini-uber hood but for my Apocalypse hood I couldn't find one I liked.

So I present to you the Skunky Palette!
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So over a week ago frankscrank asked me to make Tye's new oblivion set repository. Well that lead to me remapping everything. One texture to rule them all! Ha, I'm kidding. There's several master files and it will all be explained as I go.

First, however, I would like to wish frankscrank a very Happy Birthday for tomorrow. :) I hope you have a good one.

Now on to all the technical stuff.
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So I have been patiently waiting and waiting for more CEPs to appear, since they haven't I decided to take matters into my own hands yet again. I did a ton of CEPs. I mean a TON!

So for the CEPs this is what you need to know:

Please install the CEP by Numenor and the Extras first.

You will find 2 subfolders in the file, "MyDocuments" and "ProgramFiles".

Open the "MyDocuments" folder and move the file to C:\Users\<username>\Documents\EA Games\The Sims 2\zCEP-EXTRA
Open the "ProgramFiles" folder and move the file to C:\Program Files (x86)\EA GAMES\The Sims 2\TSData\Res\Catalog\zCEP-EXTRA

(Copied from HugeLunatic because I'm lazy.)

Now let's get down to business. I DID NOT take a picture of everything I did. Why? Well you've seen it countless times. All I did was add subsets, repositoried it to another object OR made it recolorable.
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This is just something rather small, mainly to tide you over until my next mega post.
Also I really needed to justify having some meshes in my game so added I MOAR footprints to them. These are completely separate from Kativip's creations. They will not overwrite, mostly because I didn't feel like recompressing every time I messed up.

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So I've been getting several requests on tumblr and this is what I've got done so far. I have other things to do (like play the game, stop Skunky and El Bandito from falling down that hole, etc) so the rest will have to wait.

I pulled all the poses from the World Adventure Gnomes because I needed a Ninja and realized I didn't have one. There's protest signs, an ad kiosk (been done, I know!), plants, paintings and a tent. Shall we?
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