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iCads Wood palette in ACTION..

So around 11:30pm I was checking my simblr before bed, I saw that Trapping made a request for iCad's colors in a photoshop action. I said I'd look into after sleeping. Well... I tossed and turned for an hour because now I had this on the brain so I get up and do it.

iCad Woods in Action

Just drag and drop into your actions in Photoshop and boom! Recolors.

The base you want is either Pooklet's Volatile or Apartment Life's Light Wood.
I didn't feel like doing different actions for all four ways I do it.
This includes her Cottage White from her indoor set as well as ALL of her hex codes!
Yup, that's right!
I hope it's okay with iCad that I did this and I don't get a smack down or anything. :)
Oh right, made with Photoshop CS2 because I'm lame and hate updating what I've already paid for. :P

So now I'm wondering whether or not to do Anna's old colors. I know she's going to release the new ones after she tests. At least that is the last I read, so I don't know whether I should or not.

Any whose it. Enjoy!


Okay, YAY for being productive...

..but sheesh I really need to sleep. So after I did the iCad actions, I watched my tutorial video finally. I laughed a little at my silliness and then I thought well, “I’ve already done iCads, might as well do Annas.”

So here ya go. This is her old colors, as I haven’t looked at her newer ones yet.


Use them, abuse them, give credit to Anna and hopefully her new ones will be out soon and I will have wasted 10 minutes of time, while trying to make myself sleepy.

Enjoy! *goes to crash face first on her bed*

Oh, forgot to say this is best used with a white base texture. It can also be used with Pooklet’s volatile but may require a little tweaking.  Right now I’m going to faceplant!

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