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Attack of the Patterns Part 2

I did a post a while back with 70 patterns and I got to thinking eh, why not make it an even 100. So, of course, I did. The patterns come from Colour Lovers, random image searches and some sim walls found in the community that I liked. I don't remember the exact wall maker because I have so many that I extract textures from to put on walls that fit my game style. I know that's horrible and I apologize to anyone if I step on toes because I don't remember where I got a texture from. I have a folder with over 500 textures. I can't remember every one.

So, any who, as before the meshes are not included and the links can be found in my first Attack of the Patterns post. The swatches for the patterns can be found in the Jonesi Bed Blanket file.


Jonesi Bed Blanket
Holy Simoly Simply Elegant Curtains
MysticRains Earth Living Cushion
N65's Big Rug 3x4

All files are compressed and named for easy removal of those you don't want. Enjoy! :)

I'm currently working on putting an_nas colors on KBS's surfaco counters, NL Fat City Counters and a few Ikea things. It's becoming a bigger project than I thought but I'm hoping to get it all done by mid-week. Although I'm fighting with the Surfaco set as the dishwasher or maybe it's the trash compactor is showing up a few shades off while in game. Hopefully, I'll figure a way to conquer that thing. It was a pain with the wood palette too but I finally gave up on that. It's more noticeable with Anna's colors. :(
If I can't get that to work the way I want the next upload maybe some walls that I've been playing with and I do mean playing. Okay, small rant over. :P


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May. 9th, 2012 09:09 pm (UTC)
I love the meshes you're using for your patterns and I just peeked at the swatches - stripes! paisley! an argyle-y plaid! Thank you :D

And I'm looking forward to the KB counters and anything IKEA in anna's colors- hope you have an "aha!" moment with the dishwashers/trash compactors problem and it goes quickly from there.
May. 11th, 2012 08:49 pm (UTC)
I should probably put those meshes in Anna's colors but then I think it would be too flood-filly. Although I think most of the things I recolor are that way anyway. I'm just obsessive and like things to all match. ^^

I'm actually still fighting with the KBS stuff. It seems most of the things in the set are matte and that one trash compactor has a shiny layer that is really driving me batty. I didn't notice it with iCad's colors but I'm guessing there is a slight color difference. :( I usually don't put in dishwashers and trash compactors in the home until the Sims earn them. I may put the KBS on the back burner for now and continue with other things until I have a "Eureka" moment.
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