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The Extra Files

These are either files I missed when I was uploading or ones I recolored as I went through my game. I still have more to do but hey, so little time in the day.

The Basics:
Wood Palette by icads_sims.
Fabric Palette by an_nas.

The Goodies:

BG Futonesque Fantasy Sofa
BV Luxury's Lap Loveseat Cushion / Frame
BV Simokyo Chair Cushion / Frame
BG Moor is More Coffee Table

(I'm not really happy with the BV furniture so I may redo this. It all just depends on time.)

BG Simple Structure Stairs

TSS Stay Out Door
UNI Myne Door
AL Unique Seperator Door
BV Solidity Door
NL Easy Swing Door
(The NL door isn't shown but has the same textures as above doors.)

AL Smitty Classy's Grand Opening Door
AL Smitty Classy's Glass & Grain Window
BG Arch of Antiquity

Bonus: Aquilegia made some lovely defaults of the BG curtains over at GoS for this months theme. I used her textures for the Veil of Dreams curtains and put them in all of Annas colors. You can grab the recolors here. Thank you to all the creators who have participated so far. You guys & gals rock! :)

All files compressed and named for easy removal of those you don't want. You'll also notice that I've started renaming a bit different. Well, that's because I found another fabric palette I like. *sighs* I know! Who needs more recolors of EAxis stuff? Well, me. :P


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