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Uptown or Downtown?!

Finally, we are at Apartment Life. Phew! I still have to sift through and see if I missed any recolors, etc. There is still a lot left I haven't touched. I noticed that last night while building some houses for my BaCC. I think it's mostly in build mode though. I'm pretty sure I got everything in buy mode. Well, almost. There are still some that I did in iCads colors that I also want in Annas.

Okay, rambling so...

The Basics:
Wood Palette by icads_sims
Fabric Palette by an_nas

The Goodies:

Bakomi Sprok Desk Frame / Polyurathane
Industrious Divinity Chair Cushion / Frame
Trek Breks Bookcase
Werkbunnst Tek Chair Fabric / Frame

Eloquent Divinity Dining Chair Cushion / Frame
Eloquent Divinity Living Chair Cushion / Frame
Fancy Schmancy Dining Table
Four Feet and a Disk End Table
Mysterious Looking Bookcase
Riveting Rivets Sofa Cushion / Frame
The Eleafquent Mirror
Very Mysterious Shelving

Fair Square Coffee Table
Smitty Classys Lofty Softy
Smitty Classys TV Shrine
The Plumper Thumper Sectional

Dreaming of Olde Bed
Sculpture Wall Stand
Thackary Chair Velvet / Frame
Vintage End Table

Dresser of Almost Unrequited Fame

Knock on Wood Shelves II
Knock on Wood Shelves
Murphy's Hide Away Bed

Endless Winding Stairs

All files compressed and named for painless removal of those you don't want. Enjoy! :)

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