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Completely Random: Slots, Repository and a little extra

So, it'll be awhile before I get a chance to update again. Any who, allisas asked for a few things and that's what this posts consists of. Plus, I got to do Ailias add ons for a few maxis things.

Amovitams Peter's Safari mobile lengthened and made into a crib version. Around the Sims Uni dresser slotified for allisas.

NOTES: Allisas didn't mind that I lengthened the original mesh so this will replace all the ones you have. The crib mobile is slaved to the original. So if you like amovitam's shorter one but also want the crib version you can use it. I added 11 slots to the ATS dresser.

Ailias' add ons for EAxis stuff. These are just what I have in my currently that could be slotified. You can just plop these in your download folder where you have the others and they will replace the others. There are 3 - 11 new slots.

I really like the ladder from Mansion and Garden but I wasn't so thrilled that I couldn't place anything on it. I took all the plants off and gave it 12 new slots. It pulls textures from the original so M&G required.

Beosbox porch swing slaved to the Base game park bench. Any colors you have of that will show on this cute little mesh. It doesn't bleed through the upper floor boards. It just sits there looking quaint and cozy.

After I saw the porch swing above, I thought it would be nice to have one of the Park Parthenon from Seasons. So here is that version. It's slaved to the original so Seasons required.

Everything is thrown into one download. It's all aptly named. I didn't change any names to any of the meshes I edited so if you have those already in your game make sure you let these replace those.

Oopsie, it seems I forgot to add the Seasons porch swing in file. That is now fixed but if you downloaded it earlier and just want the porch swing, grab it here.

As always, have fun and enjoy!
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