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MOAR Slots: The Completer Edition *UPDATED 5/1/2014*

A few notes before I give you the download. PLEASE READ!!!

If you have LordDarcy's version of more slots you need to delete those. If you'd much rather have that version, you can get it here.

Everything can be placed in your downloads folder EXCEPT, zzHA_MaxisMOARDecoSlot_Overrides, you need to place that in C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\The Sims 2 <Your Latest EP>\TSData\Res\Overrides
(or the corresponding folder on your system if your game isn't installed in C:\Program Files).
If Mansion and Gardens is the last thing you have installed, place the overrrise in that directory. The game treats M&G like a mini-EP. :)

I included the coffee table package here for completeness. If you'd like the end tables, you can find them here by the fabulous Gwenke.

The Armoire and Dressers packages covers all the ones in game that I thought suitable for this. There are a few left out for obvious reasons. The top was wavy or it was just to high to justify slots.

Armoires have anywhere from 2 - 7 slots and the Dressers have 5 - 11 slots.

(I forgot to take a picture!)
Anyway, they have 2 - 5 slots added to them. The ones not in the package are the Billy Bookcase and the three bookcases from Teen Style Stuff. They just wouldn't take no matter how hard I tried. I will go back and look at them when I feel like mucking around with slots again.

Desks are up next and you'll notice that I only touched one side of the desk. I didn't want to mess with the homework slot, etc.

The desks have any where from 4 - 11 extra slots added.

Fridges, yes, fridges. LordDarcy added one extra slot. I decided to add 3 for all fridges.

NOTE: I couldn't get the two KBS fridges to work properly. I need a break from slots so when I come back to it I'll try to fix those. They are not included at this time. It's not a big deal because they are on the taller end and I usually use an overhead cabinet for those anyway.

A few Misc. things. These are the Helmer Drawer (5), IKEA PS Cabinet (10) and the Bowling Ball Rack from Night Life (11).

Plumbing! Yes, you could say I got carried away.
There are 3 toilets and 2 sinks with slots. Romantic Toilet (3), Romantic Sink (4), Sewage Brothers (3), Country Toilet (3) and Country Sink (7). These are the only ones that made sense to me.

Stereos and TVs! I know LordDarcy added a good bit of slots to the TVs already but I wanted a little more up top. Mainly because I have a lot of clutter and I'd like to place them without fiddling with a OMSP. Once again, I only did the ones that made sense.

The TVs range in slots from 5 - 21.
The Stereos range in slots from 3 - 11.

Lastly, vanities. Yup, I cluttered them up as well. I have a slot problem

Seasons vanity has 11 extra slots, the colonial has 17 and the one from Teen Style Stuff has 9.

You may download now. hahah!

Download *UPDATED 5/1/2014*
If you downloaded these before the above date you can download this for a fix to the dressers. It seems EAxis added the wrong info the the Pit Stop dresser from the race car set which made the slot drop when you exited the house. This has now been fixed.

There was supposed to be more but I honestly got tired of slots. I need a break from doing them so I figured I'd go ahead and give what I have done.

As always, enjoy and have fun.
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