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A few days ago Penguingirl03 asked me to convert the gems from TS3. So I decided to go have a look. I found them but they were all grouped together in an odd jumble of a hot mess. It took me a day to separate and another day to figure out that no matter what I did the textures were going to suck. So while this isn't perfect, it's what I decided to do. I couldn't find the pedestals for the gems however. Those must be in the unlabeled models of s3pe and after going through those for gnomes I promised myself, never again.

The relics come in 1 to 12 recolors. The vases have the most in the relics. The gem rock, stones and metal bars all come in 15 colors. I did add a slot to the metal bars but I think they only stack 2 high. Sorry, I tried.


If anyone would like to retexture the gems, be my guest. I tried everything and after failing decided to go this route.

Some of the color options.

As always enjoy and have fun.


Apr. 9th, 2014 11:46 am (UTC)
Those relics are gorgeous.I wish it would be so easy to find metals and jewel meteors n real life but all you can find here is some scrapmetal and that`s it.
I`m sure i can use the vases and the sculptures to decorate an Antiques or Pawnshop.
Sometimes i can`t believe that objects from TS 3 often look much better in TS 2.They don`t have that shiny brightly colored touch many TS 3 Objects have.Best example might be that Outdoor-Clock from TS 3.It`s so hideously glossy like sprayed with tons of clear paint or covered in liquid glass or something...
And i`m pretty sure that stacking trick mustluvcats mentioned should work.Might be a buttload of work to stack èm to fill a pallet or a walk in save like in the movies...

Apr. 9th, 2014 12:46 pm (UTC)
True, everything is TS3 is really shiny but I love how they look in TS2. :)