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So I decided to compile a post with links to and/or direct downloads to PSDs. There's a few out there but not everyone knows where to grab. Also, sometimes I misplace stuff because I'm great like that.

I'm going to do this below a cut because this will be an ongoing list. Anytime I upload or find a new PSD I'll update the title. I figure this is just easier. :P

NOTE: Please remember these are only PSDs! No meshes or recolors are included here! Once again these are just PSDs that either I or some one else took the time to do. If you don't want to recolor or rexture, by pass this post. :P
This is going to be in order of Base game, EP/SPs and normal CC. I hope this helps someone. :P
Base Game
Swing Set (ZeroDark)
Decorative House Armoire (ZeroDark)
Contempto Chair & Sofa of Substance (ZeroDark)
Complete Bedding Creation Kit (CuriousB)
Quaint Furniture
(AdaQuaint Barstool, AdaQuaint Coffee Table, AntiQuainted Armoire, Country Comfort Corner Table, Floral Loveseat, Recycled Relaxer, Home Office Desk, Simple Site Chair and The Talking Table)
(AquaPlus Shower Stall, Clean Water Shower, Krampft Industries HubbaTubba, ResiStall Astro Divider, Sewage Brothers Toilet, Urinal, Simple Sink, Simple Tub and Superlative Sink)
Be There Designs Bazaar Sofa
BiblioFile Bookcase
Bon Appetit Chair
Caress of Teak Bed
Craftmeister Pine Bed
Contempto Adirondak Chair
Contempto Penn Station Side Chair
Courtly Sleeper
Cowboy Caboose Chair
Craftmeister Booknook
Crazy 8 End Table
Dangling Day Lights - Hanging Light
Discourse Dining Table
Durable Sofa
End to End Table
Ergo Supreme Dining Chair
Exerto Multi Press
Flatwoud Dining Table
Futonesque Fantasy Sofa
Grand Parlour Chess Table
House Armoire Morrocan
Manor House Multi Mirror
Oaktowne East Side Dining Chair
Pinegultcher Ourdoor Table
Plasticity Node Pod Chair
Reflective Glass
Regulars Only Barstool
Renaissance Bookcase
Satanistics Loveseat
Scraps Ranch Cafe Mate Coffee Table
SimCity at Night - Frame
Simple Structure Coffee Table
Suspense - Painting
Symmetric Poly Molecular Window
Tea Party in Teak Chair (ZeroDark edit)
The Lady on Red - Painting
The Lone Daisy - Painting
The NoFowle Armchair
Trottco TV
Werkbunnst Dresser
Zecutime Social Chair
Zenu Meditation Bed
Club Distress Furniture
(CD Avignon Coffee Table, CD Square Coffe Table, Wall Mirror, Luxiary Ample King Table, Oaktowne Dining Chair, and Sofa by Club Distress)
Kitchen Appliances
(BrandName EconoCool Fridge, Microwave, Toaster Oven, Espresso Machine, Dialectric Prep Stove, Wishy Washer, Metal Kettle, Coffee Maker, Food Processor and Toaster Oven)
Grocery Freezer and Produce Bins
Nursery (Toy Box, Toy Oven, Sanitation Station, The Kinder Koddler, The Kinder Kontainer and the Tinkle Trainer) *NEW*

Apartment Life
How Eloquent - Painting
Trilby's Delight - Painting
Views from My Kingdom - Painting
Playground Equipment
(Centrifun, Monkey Bars, Slidenfraude & Super Tower)


Bon Voyage
Hotel Double Bed, Dresser and End Table (ZeroDark)
Four Blessings Mahjongg Table
Massage Table
Sauna (ZeroDark Edit)
Tea Time Table



Family Fun Stuff


Free Time
Exerto Exercise Bike
ShoYou Shoji Screen
Isotopia Rug (HugeLunatic) *NEW*
Glamour Life
Abstrusionism - Painting
Weirdness is the Art Rug (HugeLunatic) *NEW*

Downhill Snowmanning - Painting
ValueSpite Funny Bunny - Painting


Ektorp Sofa
Frederik Desk
Hemnes Round Bedside Table
Hemnes Square Bedside Table
Hemnes Wall Mirror
Lack Side Table
LEKSVIK Coffee Table
Malm Chest of 2 Drawers
Hemnes Bed
Jules Visitor Chair
Malm Bed
ANES Dresser and Bed (HugeLunatic) *NEW*
MODDA Armoire (HugeLunatic) *NEW*

Kitchen and Bath
Stiller Life - Painting


Mansion and Gardens


Night Life
52 Card Pickup Table
Castanoga Counter
Four Vegetables - Painting
Gastronomique Podium
Great Taste Dining Table
La Table Square
ShinyTyme Kitchen Sink
That Place Over There - Painting
The Oasis Bar
Contorto Chair
Jaacusters Last Stand Booth
The Sumptuous Brassiere Barstool
Fat City Counter *NEW*

Open For Business
Track Stack Cube
Terribly Modern Counter
Squat Display
Roe Display Convex Corners
Quick Display
Podium of Bonappitizon
Just More Corner Shelves
Decra Chill
Mission Counter *NEW*

In Memory of Johnny Gnome - Painting
Atomic Counter (HugeLunatic) *NEW*
Planetoid Explorer & Organically Atomic Rug (HugeLunatic) *NEW*

Greenhouse (ZeroDark)
Blue Ribbon Counter *NEW*

Teen Style Stuff


Merry Making Dining Table
Modest Medieval End Table
Magnificently Medieval Living Chair
Majestically Medieval Double Bed
Masterfully Medieval Loveseat
Maturely Medieval Single Bed
Mediocre Medieval LoveSeat
Mysteriously Medieval Dining Chair
Tushugger Chair
Exerto Butterfly Machine
Groovy Counter (HugeLunatic) *NEW*

Seychelles Shelf & Sink, Veranka Shower, BB Aurore Trio (ZeroDark)
ATS Country Fridge, Indus Counter, Indus Sink, Mexico Sink, Earthenware Trio, Jope Kitchen Backsplash, Utensil Silo, and Veranka Hipster Counter Curtain (ZeroDark)
CTNutmeggers Fireplace (ZeroDark)
Simarchitect/PsychoSims- Functional Gazebo (ZeroDark)
Marilu Treehouse (ZeroDark)
Sailfindragon Freeman Chair (ZeroDark)
Parsimonious Schokolade Bed (ZeroDark)
SM Office Eames Storage (ZeroDark)
HugeLunatic's Madrid Table (ZeroDark)
TNW 3to2 Pet House (ZeroDark)
HCove 3to2 Beds (ZeroDark)
TinHouse's Hanging Birds (ZeroDark)
S2P Dita Chair (ZeroDark)
Cluit Armchair (ZeroDark)
MysticRain Armchair (ZeroDark)
Skyrim Market Stalls
HugeLunatic Puddle Curtains
HugeLunatic Round Columns
HA Malm Counters
Misc Parsimonious
SimWardrobe Fish Packing Station
Sunni Sims Inn and Market
Misc Wood For Sims
Adele Amelia + Ja Counter
BuggyBooz Counter
BuggyBooz Craftsmen (Very end of Post)
BuggyBooz Shakerlicious Appliances
HA Morrocan Counter
Daislia Movie Poster
Veranka Bari Set
HA Midnight Hollow
HA Antique


Curiona Walls, Moulding by Shastakiss
Wall Resources

Phew, that is a monster of a list! Is that all of my PSD's? *inserts mad laughter here* No, these are just the ones that are decent enough to share. My PSDs tend to be a mad clutter or randomness that might only make sense to me. So I've been trying to clean them up but not enough time in the day. If you know of anymore PSDs (objects only :P) that would be useful to people feel free to link them in the comments below. I'll add them as time permits.



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Mar. 31st, 2014 03:02 am (UTC)
Duuuuuuuude. This is AMAZING! Thank you!
Mar. 31st, 2014 03:28 am (UTC)
You're welcome!
Mar. 31st, 2014 07:03 pm (UTC)
oh my dearest dog in all the universe. So much work, already done. I'm close to tears in gratitude.

When I make bases for recoloring, I am always a bit embarrassed to share them, so even though I've promised myself to do it, I never have.
Mar. 31st, 2014 07:14 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I've kept most of these hidden for years. They aren't perfect by any means but it does take a lot of guess work out what goes where.

Anytime I see new PSDs, even if I have them already done, I download to check them out. I'm a curious George that way.

Dam up the tears though, I meant that last little bit. They still may only make sense to me. hehehe.
Mar. 31st, 2014 08:02 pm (UTC)
I'll go through my files after I meet this couple deadlines hanging over me and see what I've got that isn't already posted, and upload them and link you if I find anything decent.
Apr. 1st, 2014 12:24 pm (UTC)
Thank you, that would be lovely. :)
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