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Happy St. Valentine's Day: The Randomly Random Edition

So I decided to do Valentine's Day a little early. I made most of this stuff earlier today but things happened and it got added to. Why am I doing this? Well, that's easy. I can, plus CuriousB made a fantastic bedding template and I had to try it out. One hundred times of trying it out. :P You can totally blame most of this post on her. Thanks, CuriousB! xD

First up is the FreeTime, Butterfly Wall Crawler mesh. I made a small one for mustluvcatz niches over at TBTO stocking Stuffer event. If you haven't grabbed that one, I did include it.

I decided that since the mesh was already 2 tiles I needed a 3 tile, a 1 tile and a 1 tile that is cut in half. So there's three new meshes all slaved to the FreeTime one. I did lower these for no shadow shifting so I'm going to say AL is required. You are more than welcome to make them Base Game or whatever compatible.


The main reason I did these is because I went kind of nuts with recoloring this thing..okay, a lot nuts.

Download Animal Silhouettes

Animals not your thing... okay.

Download Building Silhouettes

No? Okay..

Download Dance Silhouettes

Not a dancing queen? Hmm..

Download Fight Silhouettes

Everybody was Kung...okay..

Download Foliage Silhouettes

C'mon, I'm giving you everything but real roses!

Download Misc Silhouettes

Still nothing... sheesh!

Download Music Silhouettes

Gah, you are one tough Valentine!

(They say..Coffee Break, Dance, Dream, Faith, Hope, Laugh, Live, Love, Music and Sweet Dreams)

Download Simlish Silhouettes

Still nothing? I'm giving you all you everything I've got.

(Last recolors of this mesh I promise. The artwork is by Tatchit @ Deviantart)

Download Fantasy Animals

I swear that is all of the FreeTime recolors! Maybe you'll like the bedding more! I only did swatches because well, lazy! (I did take all the pictures in game, I just forgot to take one that would work as a preview)

Download ColourLovers
(These will match a lot of the furniture patterns I've released)

Download Country
(Matches the Grandma set I did)

Download Floral

Download Hoot

Download Kids

Download Misc

CREDIT: CuriousB for the amazing psd and actions.
ColourLovers for all of the patterns used.

Okay, there is my 100 beddings! Are you tired yet, my Valentine? :P

Okay, here's a thing!

Download Reflective Glass Recolors

I bet you are asking yourself where the preview is? Well, it is..


Download The Lone Daisy Reframed

Also here!

Download ValueSpite FreezerBunny Reframed

Slyndsey wished for these two to be framed in a simple black and white frame. So I made it quickly using the reflective glass mirror from the base game. Everything is slaved so it'll pick up all recolors you have. I think the FreezerBunny requires Holidays but I'm not sure.

Wait, I know I've posted a lot. I'm truly sorry, my Valentine. I just didn't know what you wanted exactly so I tried a bit of everything. (Except clothing, I get scarred and run in the other direction!)

Yuxi's Dreamfall Plaster wall done in Shasta's Yeti palette!


Shasta's Dubious Tile done in her Yeti palette.


Holy Simoly Bare Concrete and Plaster done in the Yeti palette!

Download Bare Concrete
Download Plaster

Claydobe in Shasta's palette!


I used the stripes on Adele's Amelia set so these walls are mainly to match that.


These are Mashup walls. Walls I've taken from some of my favorite creators (CuriousB, Padre, Donnha and a couple of others) and put them on Shasta's moulding. The one above I made for Tanguska because he wanted it.

(NOTE: This is a grab bag! I wasn't going to release all of these but then it would look funny when I released one and not the rest. Sorry, my Valentine!)

I do believe that is finally all. I hope I got something for all my Valentine's. Thanks for sticking around my LiveJournal and Tumblr. I hope all of you lovebirds out there have an amazing day and if you are single.. hey, no shame in buying chocolate for yourself!

As always have fun and enjoy!
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