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MOAR Gnomes, Signs and a Tree Guard: The "I'm clueless" edition!

So I've been getting several requests on tumblr and this is what I've got done so far. I have other things to do (like play the game, stop Skunky and El Bandito from falling down that hole, etc) so the rest will have to wait.

I pulled all the poses from the World Adventure Gnomes because I needed a Ninja and realized I didn't have one. There's protest signs, an ad kiosk (been done, I know!), plants, paintings and a tent. Shall we?

The ad kiosk has two subsets. The protest banners I just shifted to make them more usable for my hood.


France, China and Egypt Gnomes. Five silly poses, 15 gnomes, 3 masters.


Random paintings from Univ Life. The heart and the framed abstract paintings have two subsets. They come in 3 to 4 color options.

(BG and AL versions in the same file. Put only ONE in your downloads folder.)

Some random plants because I never have enough. The Plant Condo (red vase) is 2x2 and requires nightlife. I think most have 3 - 4 color options. Everything has two subsets here, so if you want to take the green and make it pink, purple or teal you can. :P


WA tent! This only comes in 2 color options. It functions as a tent so Bon Voyage required.


I separated that cute little circular fence from those NL trees. I decided not to slave it, that way if you don't have NL you can still use it. This really only works for 1 tile trees.


That's all for now. I'm trying to get my apocalypse hood up and running, along with other mysterious things so yeah. :P

As always have fun and enjoy!
Tags: 3to2 conversions, buy mode, dl: statues, dl:objects, dl:paintings, dl:plants, downloads
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