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Paintings & Statues: The OMG, I messed up Edition!

There were some goof ups in some of the things I've done. This happens, it was finally brought to my attention. So I decided to go in game and check everything. Sure enough I found more where I made minor mistakes.

So, this is me fixing stuff. Plus, I had another request. Since this was a small request I decided to fill it while I was fixing.

The request was this! This is just deco! It sits on one tile. Why? Well, it only overlaps the one tile by a margin and I took out all the unneeded bit that were hidden inside the closed off mesh itself.
Download the LLAMA

Now to the 3to2 fixes!
I noticed the Pangu's Wall Axe wasn't recolorable, this has now been fixed.
(This includes most of the updated Collection files as well! The other updated collection files are located within their EP rar.)
The Dog urn was not not recolorable, so if you made recolors of the urn through the tombstone it wouldn't show. This has now been fixed.
The Organic Pop Sculpture wasn't showing all of its colors, FIXED!
The Pop Rose Small Wall Art has now been fixed and is included.
The Flying Ship Slaves will now pick up any recolors done to the flying ship.
The LED Diamond was not recolorable, this is now fixed.
The Ribbon Candy Sofa was not showing its recolors this has been fixed.
The Pumpkins from the Bella's Closet set were not recolorable this is now fixed.
The School Figure Statue was not recolorable, now fixed.
The Plumbob of the Future was not recolorable, fixed.

That should do it for those fixes! Now to some I should have noticed sooner but failed at.

Remember all those separated paintings I did. It was brought to my attention that two didn't have the right subsets. This was just me forgetting to add a line. However, while I was at it I decided to center the meshes and drop them lower to fix darkness issues.

Download Paintings
The other thread with these in it, I consider to be outdated.

I think this is all of the Debased statues I have done so far.
I did change the Lampara and Fallorayne statues completely. I kept deleting the lamp and fountain they were slaved to because I rarely used them. So I came up with a solution. I added some colors to the Lampara Statue and made it the master to the Fallorayne statue. It now comes in three colors. I can't remember who did the original mesh, Roman something in SimPE, so a belated thank you for the meshes. I added a slot a piece to these two.
I also scaled down the Grecian statue because I thought it was a little too tall for me. Also, I added a slot in the bowl for this statue.
The rest of the statues were slight movements to make sure they sat in the center of the tile.

Download Statues
Updated Collection file included.

I'm sorry that it took me so long to fix these. If you ever notice any problems, please tell me. Sometimes I click so fast on a mesh to place it that it takes me forever notice if there is a problem.
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