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Kitchen & Bath Stuff Recolors

This is another small little goodie post. I love most of what came with KBS and really over abuse the Surfaco counters and such.
I really should figure out a better way to do these posts but I'm a no fuss kind of girl, so simplistic works best for me and uh, I get sidetracked very easy.

The Basics:
So only icads_sims palette used here.

I did think about using an_nas on the surfaco counters but that's a lot of recolors. I may still do it eventually because I seriously do over use those counters.

The Goodies:

Pictured Files:
Big and Brown Dishwasher
Carrot Chopper Deluxe
Drip Little Coffee Maker
Fire 'Em Stove
Flash Wave Microwave
Garbage Ninja
Super Sucker Vent
Surfaco Bar
Surfaco Counter
The Coldinator Fridge
Toast To Toaster Oven

Pictured Files:
Double Wood Bar
Double Wood Counter
Solid Sense Fridge
You Got Feets Stove

All files compressed and named for easy removal, etc. Enjoy.


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Apr. 5th, 2012 01:35 pm (UTC)
Thank you for sharing more lovely recolors - I use the surfaco counter all the time too!
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