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Default: Posters and Paintings

Well another category down in buy mode, only 2 more to go and I can move on to build mode! Phew!

The files are all compressed and I grouped these by Expansion and Stuff Pack. So hopefully this will be a little easier to download. These are just texture defaults and there's no added extra except for in the Seasons file because it was the first one I did. After that one I realized it was going to take me all day so I just decided to make the frames black or gray depending. I know I'm a little lazy but uhm, yeah. *grumbles*

Now for the list of credits!
Paintings Used: CatofEvilGenius, Voleste (tons), Mork, Selenq13, takeolie, honeynutcows, Skellington, CuriousB.
Pictures Used: Dream Huntress, Eversims, Nilou, Charlotte_Helen, and various artists from Deviant Art whose names I forgot to write down. I'm sorry!

You will find the downloads at the end of the post! So get ready for picture spam!

FT The Artig

GLS A Sims Noir Print

NL Two Dogs and an Olive

SSN A Home For All Seasons

BG Searing Indifference, UNI It's Reggae, Uni Fists of Bunny,
TSS Hollywood Print, BG Engineered Angst (BOTH), UNI Space Oddity

BG Civic Idol, FT U R Here-n-We R Here,
Uni Surfing the Universe, FT Great Films Posters

TSS The It Poster, Uni We Call it Football,
NL Anonymous Masterpiece, BG Red VS Blue (meg painting)

Holiday Downhill Snowman, NL Reprint Serial, PETS The Stodgy Badger (both),
KBS Ducks in Three Parts, BG The Lady on Red, PETS Sirloin Shuffle

AL Three 3's Poster, BG Spherical Splendor, BG The Lone Daisy,
BG Collage in White and Black, NL Four Vegetables, BV Paradise Lost

BG Rainy Day, FT The Moose Abides,
BG Rolling Hills, Holiday Santa Skating

FT In A Sims World, BG Sim City at Night, BG Suspense.
BG Oil Fantasy Scape, NL That Place Over There, BG In the Beginning

NL Lily Pads, BG Transendence, NL Pineapple, NL Grilled Cheese,
Holiday A Portrait of my First Holiday, Nl Sent to My Room,
BG Bella Squared, BG The Meaning of Fruit

NL A, B, & c Stroke Paintings, BG Arghist Soldier,
Holiday Holiday in Leaukbar, GLS Untitled

NL Cantankerous Splatters, PETS Nova Jazz,
BG Olive Peynters City SkyScape, BG Poisonous Fruit

(If I spelled anything wrong, sorry but I'm tired. :P)

Apartment Life
Base Game *Updated*
Bon Voyage
Free Time
Glamour Life
Kitchen & Bath
Night Life
Teen Style

As always enjoy and have fun!


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Mar. 3rd, 2013 12:10 pm (UTC)
I just spent the last half hour downloading ALL of your defaults.

This is amazing. Seriously. I am so so thankful for your work and sharing it. Anything you want that is in my power to give, it's yours. That's not much, but I can make and decorate hoods, so if you want one, pm me.

You're awesome!
Mar. 3rd, 2013 04:19 pm (UTC)
All of these are amazing. I really shouldn't download them, but I'm going to anyway. :)
Jan. 30th, 2014 11:31 am (UTC)
Oh poo I can't see the photos anymore:(
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