hafiseazale (hafiseazale) wrote,

Guess what?!?!

Shasta was kind enough to teach me how to make CEP files! So here's my new contribution!

Park Plates Mini Outdoor Table
(Sorry no pics, I was to excited!!!)

It is now slaved to the Piece of Quiet Park Bench like it should have been since, uhm forever!

Thank you so much Shasta for putting up with me! You are such an amazing person!

*huggles Shasta to bits*

Also if you downloaded the OFB Quaint Medium Armoire defaults, it is no longer needed. The thread has been updated but if you don't want to go through all that you can just grab the CEP file here.

Ah forgot to say these go in you zCEP-Extra folder in your downloads folder! I'm sorry, I was just overly excited when I got it done!
Tags: cep, downloads

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