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Default: Open For Business

I used lemonlions combined package for the OFB shelves as a basis for mine as the Just Shelves were seriously ticking me. REMEMBER, these files do contain default replacements and as such there can be only one. You'll notice that some of my meshes look different. Well, that's because you can have a mesh replacement and a texture replacement as long as said mesh replacement doesn't consist of any textures.

I use shastakiss OFB CEP along with Huge Lunatics and leefishes mesh replacements. I haven't encountered any problems so far.

All files should be compressed and there are add on files included with the default package. I tried to keep the look about the same but I don't have a black wood so the goth set will look a little different. Plus, I use the AL woods for most defaults. I just want to warn people that expect things to look close.

Decra Chill Display

All Shelves

CEP HOLD Me Closer Dresser

Medium Decorative Armoire

Lemonade Stand

Mission Bar

Mission Barstool

Mission Bed
This was done on the single bed so if you don't have shasta's CEP I suggest you get it!!
(You can tell where I started to get lazy :P)

Mission Coffee Table

Mission Counters

Mission Dining Chairs

Mission End Table

Mission Mirror

Mission Recliner

Mission Sofa

Mission Table

Sun King Drawers

Supreme Cabinet

Tansu Dresser

The Towels on Rods
Includes the Metal and Wooden, plus the towel textures.

Werkbunnst Medium Dresser

Download OFB Defaults

As always, enjoy and have fun!


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Oct. 11th, 2014 12:28 pm (UTC)
I think I love You! These awful OFB shelves were bugging me for a long time, and You did a set of decent recolors. Than I see a lemonade stand must-have replacement and much more goodies :D Hugs to You!
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