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Default: Seasons

You'll notice I'm reusing the same paragraph over and over again. It's because I don't feel like retyping the same information over and over again.

So this post is all about the seasons expansion. I really love the country look but not so much the colors. I'm picky that way. If I missed something you really want defaulted you can either request it here or on my tumblr.

All files should be compressed and there are add on files included with the default package. I tried to keep the look about the same but I don't have a black wood so the goth set will look a little different. Plus, I use the AL woods for most defaults. I just want to warn people that expect things to look close.

SSN A Not so Lonely Shelf

Less Threatening Rack

SSN Auntie Mae Barstool

Back Country Vanity

Back Forty Armoire

Blue Ribbon Counter

Coat de Lovely

Cozinator 450 Chair

Crustikus Dresser

Four Post Bed

Home Style End Table

More o' This and That

Park Parthenon

Rack o Plates

Ranchers Round

Rollin' Secretary

Spice Traders

Download Seasons Defaults
As always, enjoy and have fun.