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Default: Teen Style Stuff

I don't think I caught everything I wanted to default for this SP but I'll get around to it once I get everything major done.

All files should be compressed and there are add on files included with the default package. I tried to keep the look about the same but I don't have a black wood so the goth set will look a little different. Plus, I use the AL woods for most defaults. I just want to warn people that expect things to look close. I got kind of lazy while taking all the preview pictures because it was over 200 for all that I was doing. Expect lots of spam from me today. :( I'm sorry.

Everything comes in the standard 10 wood tones. The Surfer and Elite set use the standard fabric swatch, which are the same colors of the default curtains I released. The Goth set comes in the Colonial swatch with 5 additional standard colors. It was the only wat to do it so the damn bed wouldn't flash blue. :(

Right, let's get started.